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Summer Body with CoolSculpting

It is officially summer as of June 20th, and our discussions have been focused on preparing you for issues in dermatology. Whether it be optimizing Houstonians’ laser hair removal treatments or preparing you for the best summer body possible, West Houston Dermatology wants to provide you the insight to let you dive into the pool of knowledge available through our blog.

With warmer weather, the clothes are going to be shed, and so can that unwanted muffin top, small patches of cellulite, and unshapely trouble spots that make you self-aware of your body. That is why we offer an advanced fat-freezing treatment to ease your transition into that swim suit pool-side event. Cool Sculpting is an advanced fat-freezing treatment, Houston residents can now use to remedy that self-consciousness that so many of us feel when donning that swim wear.

CoolSculpting is a non-invasive technology that freezes away stubborn fat is especially effective on belly fat. A single CoolSculpting treatment can lead to a 20% reduction in body fat in the treated area and the best part is the results continue to improve after treatment—resulting in continual fat-loss from 3 weeks after to maximum loss at 2 months as crystallized fat cells are naturally flushed out of your body.

Call to schedule a treatment now and you’ll be losing fat all summer and just in time for swim-wear fun! Combined with a laser-hair removal treatment, everyone will be complimenting your youthful look. For issues in cosmetic dermatology Houston has no better provider than our facility. And for CoolSculpting Houston has no better choice than West Houston Dermatology. Feel better, look younger, and get ready for summer!