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Acne Treatment – There’s NOT an App for That

Smartphones and their apps (applications) are nearly as common as the occurrence of acne, and both seem to hang around teenagers.  There are two apps called “AcneApp” and “Acne Pwner” that claimed to treat acne.  Supposedly when the apps are run on one’s smart phone, the screen emits red and blue light designed to treat acne blemishes by holding the smartphone up against the affected area for several minutes each day.  One app available through iTunes claimed to have been developed by a dermatologist and written up in the British Journal of Dermatology.  Both claims were unsubstantiated, the apps were never approved by the FDA, and the apps have no basis in medical science.  Unfortunately, this didn’t stop almost 15,000 downloads of the two apps priced between $0.99 and $1.99 each.  Fortunately, the US Federal Trade Commission ordered the two app makers to cease and desist in marketing the apps.  This is an excellent example of using a smartphone to do stupid things, but it’s not surprising.  Acne is the bane of existence for teens, but you can rely on West Houston Dermatology to help clear your or your teen’s acne.