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Adult Acne Treatment in Houston

Adult Acne

As a teenager one expects to have battles with acne, and between the ages of 15-17 nearly all teens are affected by this skin condition in some way.  One of the perks of being a grown-up is getting beyond the downsides of the teen years, such as homework, curfews, and especially acne.  Unfortunately, about 40% of adults in their 30’s and beyond routinely get visible pimples according to a recent article in Lancet, a medical journal.  Acne was bad enough as a teenager, but when acne and wrinkles strike simultaneously, it adds insult to injury.  However, adult acne can be effectively managed to minimize break outs.  Thirty and “Forty-somethings” bothered by adult acne have many options for treatment, and should consult with a board certified dermatologist who has experience in treating adult acne.  One mistake many patients make is over-treating with too many or too-varied over-the-counter, department store, and/or spa products.  They simply throw everything imaginable at the problem, which can create additional skin irritation.  A dermatologist will explain adult acne and help you understand how best to treat it.  In addition, if your dermatologist provides aesthetician services, this can be a great adjunct to topical and oral treatments.