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Anti-Aging and the Use of Retinoids

Our face is the first thing someone notices about us, whether it’s the first meeting or someone who sees you on a daily basis.  One of the staples of cosmetic dermatology is retinoids, and these are Vitamin A derivatives that have shown to help speed cell turnover, thereby yielding smoother, younger looking skin.  Clinical studies have proven that retinoids have helped to eliminate fine lines in the aging face.  Prescription retinoids have been around since Retin-A.  Some patients find that they must acclimate themselves to these treatments when added to their facial care regimen.  Dr. Stephen Mahoney advises his patients to gradually phase these treatments in by using every two to three nights at first to avoid skin irritation.  After the patient’s skin is accustomed to retinoid treatment then they can perhaps use the treatment daily.  However, if patients experience redness and drying, then another technique is to leave the product on for about five minutes and rinse it off.  Of course, retinoid treatment is not appropriate for everyone’s skin type, but West Houston Dermatology Laser & Skincare Center has numerous tools to help his patients keep fresh, young looking skin.