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Are You Causing Premature Aging to Your Skin?

Every year Americans spend millions of dollars on treatments to keep their skin looking and feeling young, but ironically, some of the same people are engaging in behavior that has the opposite effect.  Houston medical and cosmetic dermatologist Stephen Mahoney, M.D., attempts to educate his patients on how to take care of their skin by giving them advice of what they should and should not be doing to take care of their body’s largest organ.
•    Cigarette Smoking:  Smoking and being around second hand smoke ages the skin making it dry and robbing it of Vitamin C.  Just the act of smoking a cigarette can cause lip lines.  If you smoke now, quit, and if you don’t, then limit your exposure to second hand smoke.
•    Sun Exposure/Tanning:  If you’re not protecting your skin from the sun’s UV rays, or if you’re tanning (naturally or in a bed), then you are causing your skin to become mottled from sun damage.  Over time, the sun produces a leathery look in the skin.
•    Lack of Exercise: Exercise tones the muscles and releases endorphins, which helps you look and feel rested.
•    Cold Weather Exposure: We don’t have to worry about this much in Houston, but cold weather makes the skin dry. When in cold environments, be sure to use a good moisturizer.
•    Diet:  If you remember your mother telling saying “You are what you eat,” there’s a great deal of truth to it.  A balanced diet is another component to healthy skin.
•    Alcohol dilates the small blood vessels in the skin.  With prolonged, heavy alcohol use the vessels become permanently damaged and that creates a flushed look in the skin.
•    Stress can cause frowning, and if you do this often enough the frowning causes creases and frown lines in the skin.   If you’re prone to furrowing your brown or frowning, try to be aware of and vary your facial expressions during the day.
•    Lack of Sleep makes you look old because it creates dark circles or bags under the eyes.
If you’ve not been as vigilant as you should in taking care of your skin, don’t worry too much.  The good new is that the professionals at West Houston Dermatology offer many cosmetic services that can help you get back to looking great.  Contact West Houston Dermatology today to find out how they can help you look your best.