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Are Your 11’s Are Getting Old?

Are you tired for your 11’s?  You know, the vertical lines between your eyebrows?  These are called glabellar lines.  Though these lines make you look older or angry, the good news is that Houston cosmetic dermatologist Stephen Mahoney, M.D., can alleviate the problem with a simple, quick procedure that requires no downtime.  Botox is an excellent option to reduce the presence of these lines.  Though Botox is temporary, its effects can last up to four months depending on the patient.  Botox requires a few small injections with a fine needle.  Patients will feel a small prick, but most patients find this to be a pain-free procedure.  The lines don’t go away immediately after the injections, but about two to three days following the injections, patients will feel what some describe as “heaviness” in the forehead.  That is the indication that the Botox has taken effect, and your 11’s are turning into zeros.