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August is National Psoriasis Awareness Month

August is National Psoriasis Awareness Month.  The goal is to increase the public’s awareness of the disease, educate the public, and dispel myths about psoriasis.  The National Psoriasis Foundation conducted a survey of patients with psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis, and these were the responses:

  • 71% identified psoriasis as a huge problem in their daily lives
  • More than 50% report that psoriasis affects their emotional well-being
  • 48% say psoriasis makes them uncomfortable in public
  • 52% say they don’t go to public swimming pools because of psoriasis
  • 37% reported avoiding social activities

For children, psoriasis has not only a physical impact, but also an emotional one that they may not be well equipped to handle.  Sadly, nearly 50% of children with psoriasis report they’ve been bullied by their peers as a result of their skin disease, and in those children there are effects from anxiety, social isolation, and in severe cases a decline in academic performance at school.

Treatment of psoriasis with the XTRAC laser has shown promising results for both adults and children.  The XTRAC laser (an excimer laser) is a clinically proven treatment for psoriasis cleared by the FDA, and it has proven to provide safe and effective results. Some patients have seen a significant improvement in their affected areas in 6-10 sessions.  Most major insurance companies cover XTRAC laser treatments.  At West Houston Dermatology we offer XTRAC laser treatments for adults and children with psoriasis.  If your child is self-conscious about going back to school because of his/her psoriasis, then contact West Houston Dermatology for an appointment.  Stephen Mahoney, M.D. is an authority on the treatment and management of psoriasis in both adults and children.