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Be Skeptical About Promises of a Vitiligo Cure

Houston dermatologist, Dr. Stephen Mahoney, is one of the leading specialists treating vitiligo in Houston and in the country.  West Houston Dermatology is one of the few skin care centers in Houston offering phototherapy for vitiligo patients, where the entire body can be treated at once.  Vitiligo is an autoimmune disorder, and while it is not dangerous to one’s health, many patients find the depigmented patches of skin to be distressing – especially those appearing on the face and other exposed skin.  Though the Internet is a wonderful resource for obtaining and exchanging information, it is also fertile ground for charlatans whose goal is to separate desperate patients from their money, and also for well-meaning, misinformed individuals disseminating information.  With respect to Vitiligo, there are new sites popping up daily claiming that various herbs or special oils cure vitiligo, at best giving patients at hope false hope, and at worst pushing substances that may be medically harmful.  Dermatologists around the globe and the National Vitiligo Foundation would be delighted to announce a cure for this disease, but presently one is not available.  Research grants and clinical trials are underway to help to treat and eventually cure vitiligo, and if a cure were readily available, these research scientists, respected patient advocacy groups, and physicians like Dr. Stephen Mahoney would be the first to yell from the mountaintops.  Vitiligo, especially in young people, can be emotionally distressing, but please do not fall victim to people or Internet sites promising a cure.  Until a better treatment or cure is available, it is best to consult with a dermatologist with experienced in treating this skin condition, and look to the National Vitiligo Foundation for support groups and helpful coping tips.