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Botox Treatment – Be Sure to Consult a Qualified Physician (published)

Deciding whether or not to get Botox is something to discuss with your doctor.   In Houston there are “spas” offering Botox to the public, and you should be cautious of those offering Botox injections by anyone other than a licensed physician qualified to administer Botox.  Botox is a prescription drug that should only be administered by a qualified physician or physician assistant under a physician’s supervision because it takes specialized skill and knowledge to place the injections and determine how many units of the drug to use. Much of the negative press about Botox treatment comes from these spas that obtain the drug and permit untrained personnel to inject customers.  You should always go to a well-qualified physician such as Dr. Stephen Mahoney, to receive Botox treatment.  Physicians such as Stephen Mahoney, M.D. undergo rigorous educational training and residency so that they can provide top quality care to their patients.  Only a licensed physician can take a proper history and physical of the patient, assess any risk factors, answer the patient’s questions, determine whether the patient should have Botox at all, understand the complex musculature of the face, and know where to make injections.  The physician’s assistant also has undergone specialized education and training to work with the doctor to treat patients.  While you may find some Houston spas selling service for a discounted rate, the savings are not worth the risk.  Put your best face forward by contacting West Houston Dermatology today.