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CoolSculpting Houston: How Many Treatments Do I Need?

West Houston Dermatology Laser & Skincare Center began offering CoolSculpting, a non-invasive method for reducing fat, last summer, and our patients have seen great results!  One of the questions we frequently receive from people who are thinking about having CoolSculpting is how many treatments are required.  The answer depends upon how much fatty tissue the patient is looking to lose in the treatment area.  Presently, the body areas that respond best to CoolSculpting are the abdomen, inner thighs and flanks (love handles).  CoolSculpting is best for patients who are very close to their ideal body weight who are trying to get rid of stubborn fat deposits that resist diet and exercise.  Under this scenario, the patient will generally require only one 60-minute treatment to lose between 20%-25% of the fat.  However, there are persons who may require an additional treatment to obtain the desired effect.  Remember that CoolSculpting is a natural method of fat reduction that offers an alternative to plastic surgery, and as such, it is subtle and takes time to see results.  Though many patients see results in 4 weeks, it can take between 6-8 weeks.  Each patient is unique.  Therefore, before deciding to have a 2nd pass in the treated area, it is best to wait 8 weeks to give the body time to adjust.