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CoolSculpting™: What Our Patients Say


CoolSculpting™ made its debut at West Houston Dermatology in late June 2011, and since then we have had the pleasure of assisting many of our patients meet their fat reduction goals without an invasive procedure like liposuction or a tummy tuck that result in scarring of the skin.  CoolSculpting™ is unique in that it creates a reduction of the targeted fat pocket(s) over time and produces about a 20% reduction in fat.  The approach is like the story of the tortoise and the hair:  slow and steady wins the race.  Our patients report to us that they begin seeing results in as early as 3-4 weeks, and for others it takes 8 weeks, but the reduction of the fat layer treated can occur over a four-month period after treatment.  One patient advised that the fat reduction results on her belly were subtle at first, but one day she was able to put on her skinny jeans.  If you’ve seen Dr. Mahoney on the news discussing the benefits of CoolSculpting™ and want to know more, please schedule an appointment.  West Houston Dermatology will gladly assess your body type, discuss your goals, and let you know if you are a good candidate for CoolSculpting™.  This treatment works best for patients who are within 10-15% of their ideal body weight, and who exercise and eat a balanced diet.  Though the fat cells that are cleared from the body do not return, the patient can make more if he/she is not mindful of a healthy lifestyle.