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Cosmetic Dermatology for Men in Houston

Botox for Men

Times are changing, and at West Houston Dermatology we are seeing more men than ever seek non-invasive cosmetic procedures to combat aging and freshen the face.  For example, Botox treatments in Houston were up approximately nine percent, microdermabrasion was up by four percent, soft tissue fillers increased by a similar percentage.  Botox is perhaps the most sought after cosmetic dermatology procedure by Houston men for treating the glabellar lines between the eyebrows, lines in the forehead, and even crow’s-feet.  At West Houston Dermatology we find that most of our male patients want treatments that provide a gradual improvement in appearance and that require no down time.  Many men avoid cosmetic procedures because they associate it with being solely for females, but this is not accurate.  All patients seeking skin treatment and rejuvenation at West Houston Dermatology will be taken seriously and treated with respect.  A new and innovative treatment called Ultherapy is now available to provide a non-surgical lift to the brow (and other areas) using ultrasound.