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Dermatology’s Evolution

Most of us know that dermatology is the medical specialty focusing on our largest organ – the skin.  If you’re like me, and were a teen of the 1980’s, you may have recollections of going to the dermatologist to get antibiotics and topical ointments for your acne and being told “Don’t pick on your face!”  A lot has changed in dermatology since the 1980’s.  Instead of focusing solely on medical issues, dermatology has gone cosmetic!  Taking care of your skin – especially on the face – is fundamental to looking good.   West Houston Dermatology provides its patients with top quality skin care products such as Skin Ceuticals, Neostrata, M.D. Forte, Kinerase, and many others.  In addition to skin care products, West Houston Dermatology also offers Jane Iredale ® cosmetics, which is a top quality mineral based makeup.  In addition to having an outstanding selection of foundations, concealers, eye make-up, lipsticks, blushes and bronzers, eye liner, and mascara, Jane Iredale products are endorsed by the Skin Cancer Foundation because of the protection it offers against UVA/UVB radiation, which can age the skin and cause skin cancer.  Even better is the option to purchase your favorite skin care products online.  The doctors at West Houston Dermatology can evaluate your skin from a medical standpoint and help you to work with their professional aestheticians to select the skin care products that are best for you.  If it’s a new look you seek, the aestheticians at West Houston Dermatology will provide a complimentary makeup consultation.  Contact us today for an appointment, whether you need to focus on medical dermatology or cosmetic skin care issues.