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Ditch the Itch: What Psoriasis Patients Can Do

A major complaint among many patients who have psoriasis is itching.  Some patients describe wanting to jump out of their own skin to avoid the incessant itching, but scratching the affected areas of the skin (whether with the fingers or foreign objects) can make the psoriasis worse and lead to infection.  Besides visiting your dermatologist on a regular basis to keep your psoriasis under control, patients can help themselves with itching as well.  One simple and easy technique is to keep the skin hydrated and moisturized.  In addition to applying moisturizer to the skin, keeping hydrated also involves drinking plenty of water – especially in the current Houston heat.  Just after a shower or a bath is an excellent time to apply moisture creams or lotions because it helps to keep moisture in the skin.  Psoriasis patients should avoid products that contain alcohol because this ingredient dries the skin, which can make itching worse.  Another simple way to help with the itching is to apply a cold compress to the affected spot.