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Botox is a super way for Houston area men and women to address the signs of premature aging caused by frown lines between the brows.  These lines make some people look angry, unapproachable, or unpleasant even if that isn’t the desired expression.  Think of the skin as a piece of paper.  After folding the paper only a few times, it’s easy to smooth out again, but repeatedly folding the paper in the same place creates a permanent crease.  Repeated furrowing of the brow or frowning has the same affect on skin over the years.  Botox is a quick procedure, provides noticeable results, requires no surgery and no downtime.  Botox is designed to reduce muscle activity – kind of like eliminating the fold on that paper. The results of Botox can last up to 4 months, but results vary by patient.  To find out if Botox is an appropriate treatment for you, contact Dr. Stephen Mahoney at West Houston Dermatology.