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Get the Skinny on CoolSculpting in Houston

Houston patients seeking a non-invasive way to loose fat have a new option called CoolSculpting.  Cool Sculpting was developed by a teaching affiliate of Harvard Medical School, and is now available at West Houston Dermatology.  The CoolSculpting device works by targeting fat cells in various areas of the body (usually the abdomen), and cooling them by a precise procedure called Cryolipolysis.  The fat cells in the treated area crystallize, and over a period of two to four months, the fat cells die and are flushed from the patient’s body by natural processes.  Cool Sculpting offers benefits over and above traditional invasive fat reduction techniques in for several reasons.  First, clinical data indicates that on average the patient experiences a 20% loss of fat in the area(s) treated.  Second, there is no down time because no anesthesia is required for this non-invasive process, and the patient can resume his/her routine activities following treatment without interruption. Finally, the procedure takes between 1-2 hours, so the procedure can be easily done over a long lunch or after work.  Additionally, during the treatment, patients can listen to music, read, work on laptops or smart phones, or just relax.  For more information on Cool Sculpting and to see if this procedure is right for you, call Stephen Mahoney, M.D. at West Houston Dermatology and schedule an appointment.