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Glycolic Acid and Cosmetic Dermatology in Houston

Women and men who are on top of their skin care game have heard the term glycolic acid from either looking at the ingredients on home skin-care products, reading about skin care or from an aesthetician.  Glycolic acid comes from an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) extracted from sugar cane, and it is very effective for both exfoliating the skin and anti-aging benefits.  Glycolic acid works by increasing the moisturization of the skin, revealing softer skin, increasing skin cell turnover, and by increasing collagen fibers in the skin’s support matrix.  West Houston Dermatology aestheticians use products in chemical peels such as Glytone that have higher levels of glycolic acid than patients can purchase on their own.  This is because aestheticians must be well trained and licensed by the State of Texas to perform facials, chemical peels and other services.  A chemical peel does not have to be a scary experience – a low dose peel containing glycolic acid is sufficient to rid the face of old skin cells and stimulate the production of new, softer cells that make the face look brighter and younger.  However, if you are unsure about having a chemical peel, you can still obtain the benefits of glycolic acid through the Glytone line of products available at West Houston Dermatology.  Feel free to come in and purchase your favorite Glytone products or schedule a consultation with one of our excellent aestheticians to select the best products for your skin type aesthetic goals.