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Happy Thanksgiving from West Houston Dermatology Laser & Skincare Center

Thanksgiving is revered holiday in our country, where for one day we all seem to stop and take time to really think about what we are grateful for before eating, watching football and planning a strategy for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  Despite the economy, job stress, and other unpleasantness in life, if you have reasonably good health, family (even ones who try our patience), and/or friends, then you’re very lucky and living a full life. On this day or during the holiday season, if you are able, do something thoughtful for another, such visit a lonely or elderly person, donate food to the local food bank, or make a donation to a favorite charity in the name of a loved one.  It does not have to be and expensive or grandiose gesture.  Sometimes reaching out to someone less fortunate really makes us take a deeper look at the good things in our own lives.  The staff at West Houston Dermatology Laser & Skincare Center and Stephen Mahoney, M.D. wish all our patients and their families a Happy Thanksgiving.