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Houston Dermatologists’ Concerns Over Med-Spa Safety

The Houston area is filled with thousands of medical spas (a/k/a “Med Spas”) offering services such as Botox, dermal fillers, laser treatments and chemical peels.  Though in Texas Med Spa’s must be “supervised” by having an associated M.D., it does not at all mean that a physician is actively supervising the application and use of cosmetic dermatology and medical dermatology treatments.  Though this is a problem in Houston, the same is true across the country, so much so that the American Medical Association House of Delegates passed a resolution to urge physicians like dermatologists to petition their state legislatures for stricter standards.  The objective is to make cosmetic dermatology procedures performed at Med Spas meet the same standards as medically necessary services, thereby setting a higher bar to protect consumers.  The resolution also suggests that the practice of medicine should include Botox injections, dermal filler injections, and IPL (lasers), thereby preventing lay people from administering such treatments.  This makes sense because injections of Botox must be aimed at the precise muscles of the face, and who better than board certified dermatologist to do this.  Ablative lasers are very powerful medical tools, and not just anyone should use them on a patient.  At West Houston Dermatology we offer the best medical and nursing professionals to treat both your medical and cosmetic dermatology needs.  We also strive to make such procedures affordable and safe for patients – especially through our monthly specials.