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How is CoolSculpting Different from Other Treatments?

There are several different non-invasive invasive fat reduction treatments offered in Houston and across the US, such as damaging fat with heat and high-intensity ultrasound.  While these kinds of treatments may offer some fat reduction, there are challenges with such treatments:  namely the ability to target the right depth of fat tissue and not damage other tissue or structures that are close to the fat.  In addition, such treatments can be unpredictable in the results provided and require multiple treatments.  CoolSculpting pinpoints the fat tissue using Cryolipolysis as a catalyst to rid the targeted body parts of stubborn fat.  This process only affects the fat cells while leaving other the skin, other tissue and structures unaffected.  Another great aspect is that one treatment effectively reduces fat in the majority of patients.  Houston Dermatologist Stephen Mahoney of West Houston Dermatology Laser and Skin Care Center offers Zeltiq to patients who need help losing those fat deposits that don’t respond to diet and exercise.