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Laser Hair Removal for Men

When laser hair removal is discussed, most people assume this is a cosmetic dermatology service for women only, but that is incorrect.  Laser hair removal can also benefit men who wish to permanently reduce body hair in various areas.  From puberty to the golden years, a man’s workday begins with shaving.  For most, a morning shave will provide a clean, smooth face throughout the day, but some men develop a five-o’clock shadow well before the sun begins to set.  Laser hair removal can help men permanently reduce beard hair, thereby making shaving less burdensome.

If you feel unsure of whether laser hair removal is appropriate for you, then schedule a consultation with our professionals.  The cost of your consultation can be applied to your service if you elect to have a service within the next 60 days.  Vacation season is coming up, so why not send your morning shave packing, too!