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Laser Skin Care

In cosmetic dermatology, lasers can be used to smooth wrinkles, stimulate collagen production, and reduce the size of larger pores.  The natural aging process comes with wrinkles, a decline in collagen production, and can have an increase in pore size in trouble areas.  Unlike older technology, the Fraxel laser procedure generally has no down time, but one may be a bit red or puffy for one or two days following the procedure.  This laser treatment does a wonderful job shrinking the size of larger pores, smoothing crow’s feet around the eyes, lightening melasma or age spots, reversing some of the damage caused by sun exposure, and minimizing the appearance of acne scars.  With Fraxel laser treatment, usually about 20% of the facial skin is treated each time, so three to five treatments are recommended timed several weeks apart.  Improvement in the skin’s appearance and texture begin to emerge within 24-48 hours of treatment, and improvements continue over a two to three month period.  West Houston Dermatology Laser & Skin Care Center and Dr. Stephen Mahoney are experts in both cosmetic dermatology and medical dermatology; their professionals are happy to answer any questions patients may have about laser skin rejuvenation.