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Major Victory for Patients with Psoriatic Disease

Patients who suffer from diseases such as psoriasis or psoriatic arthritis may require different treatments over time, some of which can be expensive even with health insurance.  It’s not uncommon for some health insurance providers to make patients jump through hoops and try lesser expensive treatments than more cutting edge treatments such as biologics.  The National Psoriasis Foundation, besides promoting research for improved treatments and educating patients also serves as a powerful patient advocate.  Members and experts from the National Psoriasis Foundation address health insurance providers to educate them about treating psoriatic disease from a realistic patient perspective.  Better treatment and control of psoriatic disease is a win for both patients and health insurers for obvious reasons.  The National Psoriasis Foundation has been successful in urging health insurers to revise their policies in the past, and as of the beginning of October, the foundation scored another major victor for people with psoriatic disease.  In October 2011 Regence BlueCross Blue Shield agreed to rewrite its procedures allowing those with psoriatic disease to side-step previously required “hoop jumping” and instead proceed to treatments that the patient in collaboration with his/her physician feel will be of maximum benefit.  West Houston Dermatology is a strong supporter of the National Psoriasis Foundation because Dr. Manohey sees first hand how patients benefit from its efforts to advance research and make the lives of patients with psoriatic disease better.  If you or a loved one has psoriatic disease, please consider supporting the National Psoriasis Foundation.