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Allergy Patch Testing

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Allergy Patch Testing:

At West Houston Dermatology, we are pleased to announce our recent affiliation with Patch Testing Centers of Excellence – Houston.  This exciting new service provides us with a very successful diagnostic tool created to provide a reliable, safe and easy way to diagnose the potential causes of recurring rashes.  Through patch testing, we are able to isolate specific allergens that may be causing rashes and work with our patients to remove them from daily activities.

Patch testing attempts to reproduce the allergic reaction on normal skin in the following manner:

  • Panels are placed on the upper back, containing small amounts of allergens on each patch.
  • After 48 hours, the panels are removed and a visual evaluation of reaction is assessed.
  • A final visual evaluation is done 24 hours later.


Skin conditions frequently associated with allergic components include: urticaria (hives),dyshidrosis eczema, eyelid dermatitis and chronic itching. In addition, heightened sensitivity to allergens can cause flare ups of any skin condition.

Patch testing will provide us with an opportunity to test for 87 of the most common allergens that patients are likely to encounter at home, work and in recreational environments.  Many patients are able to benefit greatly from patch testing – subsequently eliminating the source of recurring rashes and skin irritations.

Please contact us at 281-558-3376 to set up an appointment or to request additional information.