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Melanoma Detection and Lasers

With “winter” weather descending on Houston, we generally aren’t at the pool or beach basking in the sun, but that does not mean we need not take care to protect our skin from ultraviolet radiation or stop inspecting our skin for trouble signs.  Even in the winter months, patients are exposed to the sun’s damaging rays and are at risk for developing skin cancer.  In addition to an annual exam with your dermatologist and routine self-exams of your skin and moles, there is developing technology to fight against skin cancer.  Researchers at Duke University investigated a new laser-based tool designed to help dermatologists and other physicians more easily diagnose melanoma – one of the most common forms of cancer.  The researchers were able to both catch all melanomas as well as exclude non-cancerous cells and avoid making a false-positive diagnosis.  West Houston Dermatology Laser & Skincare Center is on the forefront of dermatology research and technology and committed to the health and safety of our patients.