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Razor Irritation

While lots of people, men in particular, think the dermatologist’s office is for women and teens with acne, think again.  An adult man’s skin needs care and protection too, and a little care can go a long way.  This is especially true for men who are plagued by razor bumps – especially on the neck.  The medical term for these bumps is pseudofolliculitis barbe.  These bumps are bothersome to men who have to shave daily, and they can also result in pustules and secondary infections when hair re-growth improperly penetrates the skin.  Razor bumps are essentially caused by hair that becomes ingrown because the underlying hair is curly growing out at an oblique angle, or hair growing outside of the hair follicle wall.  Hair is made of keratin, and this is a substance that can irritate the skin when it grows out improperly.  Treating the offending razor bumps focuses on removing the hair that grows on the neck with something more effective than shaving.  The best method is using laser hair removal, but this is a procedure that must be performed by a dermatologist highly skilled in utilization of lasers for this purpose, and this is especially important for men of color.  While some patients worry that laser hair removal will prevent them from growing a beard (should they desire to do so in the future), this treatment is focusing on the neck, and men generally don’t grow a beard there.  After removing hair in the troubled area, clearing the skin of these bumps can be accomplished fairly expediently. The medical professionals at West Houston Dermatology are here to help men care for, protect and enhance their skin.