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N Lite-Laser Treatment at West Houston Dermatology Laser & Skin Care Center

N Lite-Laser Treatment Houston

During the month of November 2011, West Houston Dermatology & Laser Skin Care Center is offering existing and new patients a great value on N Lite-Laser treatment.  Patients may select up to two treatment areas with the laser for $100.00 – an excellent value.  N Lite-Laser is a non-ablative laser, which means that it does not wound or damage the skin in treating wrinkles such as a CO2 laser that causes blistering and peeling.  There is also no need for anesthetic.  The laser light targets the tissue under the skin to stimulate collagen production.  In fact, N Lite-Laser is an excellent option for skin around the eyes and mouth to treat deep lines. Following treatment with N Lite-Laser, the patient may resume all his/her activities, apply make-up and not worry excessively about sun exposure immediately after treatment.  Now is a great time to begin getting freshened up for the holiday season, and this special ends at the end of November.  Feel free to contact our office with questions and to schedule an appointment.