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Narrow Band UVB Vitiligo Treatment at West Houston Dermatology, Part 1

Vitiligo is the dermatological condition that causes the patient’s skin to de-pigment, or turn white in patches, and it occurs in 1%-2% of the population.  These patches (referred to as vitiliginous lesions) can occur just about anywhere on the body, and hair that grows on the affected area is usually white.   The ultimate goal of treatment for vitiligo is to restore skin function and to improve the appearance of the vitiliginous lesions.  One treatment that has proven to be effective for re-pigmentation is narrow band UVB phototherapy where the lesions are exposed to UVB light within 311-313 nanometers.  This spectrum of UVB radiation does not create a risk of skin cancer for the patient.  The process of re-pigmentation is a slow one, and the process moves from the outer edges of the lesions to the middle.  Depending on the size of the patches/lesions, the patient may need to have treatments twice a week for several months.  West Houston Dermatology is one of the few dermatology practices in Houston that can offer narrow band UVB light therapy.  Additionally, Dr. Mahoney is a top expert in treating vitiligo in the Houston area.  Contact his office today to learn about treatment for you.