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Narrow Band UVB Vitiligo Treatment at West Houston Dermatology, Part 2

Many patients with vitiligo are curious about narrow band UVB therapy because the treatment can re-pigment the skin thereby making the white patches, called vitiliginous lesions, less noticeable.  West Houston Dermatology is unique because Dr. Stephen Mahoney has an onsite full body machine (Houva II by National Biological) for treatment of vitiligo.  The machine resembles a stand up tanning bed, but instead of broad spectrum UVA and UVB radiation, the bulbs in the machine emit only UVB radiation between 311-313 nanometers.  For the treatment, the patient removes his/her clothing so that the affected areas may be treated.  Protective eyewear is provided to the patient.  The amount of minutes the patient must stand in the machine depends upon Dr. Mahoney’s recommendation, and the number of treatments required, along with the frequency of treatments depends upon the patient’s response to the treatment.  The Houva II does not get hot inside when the bulbs are illuminated, and is quite comfortable.  Narrow band UVB therapy is well tolerated by adults and children. If you want to know more about phototherapy for vitiligo, contact West Houston Dermatology today.  (Note, vitiligo patients should never seek treatment from a tanning bed.)