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Operation Fat Freeze #2: The Preparation

Now that I’m stoked about CoolSculpting, it’s time to find a doctor I like and trust.  I found Stephen Mahoney, a dermatologist in West Houston who offers CoolSculpting.  I was impressed with Dr. Mahoney’s educational background, faculty appointments, and reputation among Houston dermatologists.  Based on what’s written on-line, his patients seem to like him a great deal, too.  I consulted with Dr. Mahoney to talk about CoolSculpting during an office visit.  Not only did he appear very knowledgeable about the science behind the process, but he had a pleasant bedside manner.  I decided to have my lower abdominal area treated, and Dr. Mahoney did my evaluation, his nurse practitioner took my “before” photos (yikes!) and she also marked my abdomen with a special purple marker for the treatment.  It was at this point that I learned that my lower abdomen had two “fat balls” targeted for destruction.  Bring it on!  With fat loss there always seems to be some kind of “catch,” so I asked if it would be necessary to do some kind of cleanse, eat only grapefruit for the rest of my life, or do some other weird thing that no one can really sustain.  I was relieved to hear that all I have to do is what I already do:  eat a reasonable and healthy diet, and exercise.