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Operation Fat Freeze #3: The Treatment

It’s go time!  Today is Zeltiq Cool Sculpting day.  I arrived at West Houston Dermatology for the treatment and was given a comfy pair of disposable shorts and a shirt to change into. One of Dr. Mahoney’s nurses put me on a comfortable procedure table with pillows and bolsters.  The first item of business was to put a large patch on my lower abdomen.  It was cold and had a gooey substance on it – sort of like the gel crystals that go in those cooling neck wraps.  Then it was time for the heavy equipment.  The cooling device was put on my lower abs where the marks were, and then the suction started.  A vacuum pulled up my fat between two cooling plates and the 60 minute countdown begins.  I was warned that the sensation of the machine might be a little intense at first, but I found it to be more than tolerable.  I would say the machine initially felt like someone was pinching my fat really hard.  About 20 minutes into the procedure my abdomen was very numb and I didn’t feel much of anything.  At first I checked e-mail on my iPad, played some Scrabble, and then dozed off for a quick nap.  When I was told the treatment was over, I was shocked how quickly the time went by.  The device was removed from my abs, and I saw a big gooey lump of fat covered by the patch.  It sort of looked like a stick of butter on my stomach.  The nurse took off the patch and let me know she had to massage the treated area for two minutes before I could go.  I wasn’t exactly delighted about this, but it wasn’t too bad.  This will not be the best feeling massage you’ll ever get, but it’s necessary to get the process going.  After the treatment, Dr. Mahoney’s staff told me I could expect to feel numbness in my abs and a sensation like I’d done hundred’s of abdominal crunches.  Dr. Mahoney’s nurse told me to call if I needed anything or had any questions.  I was off to enjoy my weekend.