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Operation Fat Freeze #4 – The First Days After Treatment

It’s been four days since my Zeltiq CoolSculpting treatment, and I survived the July 4th holiday weekend without incident.  My abs felt extremely numb, puffy, and a little “bouncy” to the touch.  Right now the treated area is a little swollen, which is a normal medical reaction.  I was able to perform all my regular activities without any discomfort.  Dr. Mahoney said it wasn’t necessary to do any kind of cleanse to help the clearing of fat cells along, but I’ve been tying to drink more water than normal.  It makes me feel like I’m doing something and flushing out the lymphatic system.  I got a follow-up call from Dr. Mahoney’s office this morning to check on me, make sure I was feeling okay, and if I had any questions.  I think of too many doctors who are that thorough, so I really appreciated the follow-up care from West Houston Dermatology.  My two month check-up will be September 1st.  I’m thinking skinny thoughts!