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Operation Fat Freeze #5 – Two Weeks Post Treatment

It’s been two weeks since my Zeltiq Cool Sculpting treatment, my abs are getting a little less numb, and I’m beginning to feel the sensation of pins and needles.  A good way to describe it is the sensation experienced when your foot goes to sleep.  I’m an insulin dependent diabetic, so my main motivation for having CoolSculpting was to have an effective fat reducing procedure that did not require surgery.  I had some concern about whether my insulin absorption and blood glucose readings would remain stable after my abdomen had been treated with Zeltiq.  (There are other places to inject insulin besides the abdominals, but that’s the most effective site).  So far, I’ve had no complications or anything out of the ordinary happen.  Hopefully the sensations I’m feeling in the lower abdominals is the fat cells dying off and going away forever!  I can’t wait to have my follow-up visit at West Houston Dermatology and get measured again.