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Periodontal Disease and Psoriasis: Is There an Association?

At first blush psoriasis (a skin disease) and periodontal disease (a dental ailment) seem to have absolutely nothing in common, but a recent study presented at a meeting of Society for Investigative Dermatology seems to suggest that the two medical conditions may be associated.  The investigators collected data from dental patient questionnaires where patients self-reported whether or not they had psoriasis.  Upon a review of the data, it appears that patients who have significant bone loss due to periodontal disease also have a higher incidence of psoriasis.  Though medical investigators have not definitively confirmed whether periodontal disease is a risk factor for psoriasis, researchers think that a chronic periodontal inflammation may serve as a catalyst to trigger psoriasis due to either a systemic inflammatory response or directly.  Much more scientific research is necessary, but progress in determining what factor(s) triggers a psoriasis outbreak is not only interesting but promising for patients who suffer from this skin condition.