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Phototherapy Treatment for Psoriasis

Houston enjoys having a tremendous array of medical resources and research institutions, which is excellent news for patients with psoriasis.  If a patient’s psoriasis doesn’t respond well to topical creams or oral medications, phototherapy is another treatment option.  Phototherapy involves treatment in which the affected portions of the skin are exposed to specific spectra of light.  While your physician may recommend that you get some natural sunlight to combat psoriasis, patients should not take this as a suggestion to worship the sun.  Some natural sunlight is good for the patient (about 10-20 minutes max), but too much causes sunburns, which can worsen psoriasis and can lead to skin cancer.  Phototherapy is better because only the portions of the skin affected by psoriasis are exposed to the light, and the dermatologist can limit the light to therapeutic spectra, thereby eliminating as much as possible the damaging light rays.  Dr. Stephen Mahoney of Houston, Texas is a top dermatologists for the treatment of psoriasis.  Additionally, West Houston Dermatology is one of the few skin care clinics in Houston to provide phototherapy utilizing (UVA / Narrow Band UVB) and Xtrac Laser treatment for psoriasis.  Contact West Houston Dermatology today at (281) 558-3376 to discuss phototherapy treatment options for psoriasis.