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Psoriasis Awareness & Celebreties

Kim Kardashian

Psoriasis can be hard to handle for adults, and especially so for children and teens because having the skin look inflamed or infected makes them feel embarrassed or ostracized by peers.  Though psoriasis can cause emotional distress, it’s good to know you’re not alone. Recently, beauty diva Kim Kardashian revealed that the red patches of skin on her arms and legs are psoriasis.  Kim was recently diagnosed, and her mother, Kris Jenner, was diagnosed with psoriasis around the age of 30.  Music star LeAnn Rimes has worked to control her psoriasis since she was two years of age.  Pulitzer Prize author John Updike also has psoriasis.  When celebrities come forward to discuss their psoriasis it raises public awareness of the disease, and hopefully educates the public that psoriasis is not a contagious disease, but a chronic autoimmune disorder.  LeAnn Rimes works closely with the National Psoriasis Foundation and encourages people with the disease to not let it define them or control them.  If you have psoriasis or think you might, it is important to seek treatment for a dermatologist experienced in treating this disease.  Though there is presently no cure, you and your dermatologist can work together to devise treatment that will help control it and your symptoms.  Stephen Mahoney, M.D. is an expert at treating all kinds of psoriasis.  Contact West Houston Dermatology today for more information on treatment.