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Spruce Up for the Holidays with Botox®

Spruce Up With Botox

Houston’s premier cosmetic dermatology practice, West Houston Dermatology, offers a full range of both medical and cosmetic dermatology services and provides patients with excellent care, service and convenience.  With the holiday season less than one week away, many patients are looking for ways to “spruce up” and freshen their appearance during this stressful time of year.  It can be hard to find the time to commit to cosmetic treatments requiring significant amounts of time, such as a facelift or a chemical peel, but Botox is quick, affordable and requires no downtime.  One can make an appointment at Dr. Mahoney’s office to have Botox for the first time or to receive a refresher treatment.  Botox relaxes muscles in the face that cause frown lines and wrinkles, and it begins to work very effectively within 1-2 days following treatment.  Though Botox is an injectable treatment requiring a syringe, discomfort is very minimal (if any) after the patient is numbed with topical gel prior to injection.  Though the patient may have very light or small bruises at the injection sites, these can easily be covered with a little makeup and they resolve quickly.  The lasting effects of Botox vary from patient to patient, but the majority of patients see effects for 3-4 months, and others longer – especially if they have had several Botox treatments over time.  With the holiday party season on the way, along with plenty of holiday aggravation to make you frown, contact West Houston Dermatology today for an appointment.