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Operation Fat Freeze #2: The Preparation

Now that I’m stoked about CoolSculpting, it’s time to find a doctor I like and trust.  I found Stephen Mahoney, a dermatologist in West Houston who offers CoolSculpting.  I was impressed with Dr. Mahoney’s educational background, faculty appointments, and reputation among Houston dermatologists.  Based on what’s written on-line, his patients seem to like him a […]

Get the Skinny on CoolSculpting in Houston

Houston patients seeking a non-invasive way to loose fat have a new option called CoolSculpting.  Cool Sculpting was developed by a teaching affiliate of Harvard Medical School, and is now available at West Houston Dermatology.  The CoolSculpting device works by targeting fat cells in various areas of the body (usually the abdomen), and cooling them […]

Skin Care Clinic Houston

West Houston Dermatology is a top skin care clinic in Houston because of the excellent treatment provided by Dr. Stephen Mahoney, his nurse practitioners, and licensed aestheticians.  Whether you are looking to learn about cosmetic dermatology, the best skin care products, or medical dermatology, the professionals at West Houston Dermatology are here to assist you […]

Operatio Fat Freeze #1: The Research

My name is Shannon and turning 39 (for the second time) in six months. When I’m not spending time with family and friends, I work as a solo practitioner attorney. So, my job promotes being sedentary most of the day. I work out 4 days a week doing cardio for an hour, and twice a […]