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Operation Fat Freeze #3: The Treatment

It’s go time!  Today is Zeltiq Cool Sculpting day.  I arrived at West Houston Dermatology for the treatment and was given a comfy pair of disposable shorts and a shirt to change into. One of Dr. Mahoney’s nurses put me on a comfortable procedure table with pillows and bolsters.  The first item of business was […]

Operation Fat Freeze #2: The Preparation

Now that I’m stoked about CoolSculpting, it’s time to find a doctor I like and trust.  I found Stephen Mahoney, a dermatologist in West Houston who offers CoolSculpting.  I was impressed with Dr. Mahoney’s educational background, faculty appointments, and reputation among Houston dermatologists.  Based on what’s written on-line, his patients seem to like him a […]

Operatio Fat Freeze #1: The Research

My name is Shannon and turning 39 (for the second time) in six months. When I’m not spending time with family and friends, I work as a solo practitioner attorney. So, my job promotes being sedentary most of the day. I work out 4 days a week doing cardio for an hour, and twice a […]