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Xtrac Laser Therapy for Psoriasis

Psoriasis can be miserable and extremely itchy, but the overwhelming urge to scratch the crusty plaques only makes them worse.  When you’re about to crawl out of your own skin from the itching and irritation, and when over the counter treatments have been unsuccessful, it’s time to see a board certified dermatologist for treatment.  In […]

Biologic Treatment of Psoriasis

Though biologic drugs (a/k/a “biologics) have been in existence for over 100 years, their use has become more prolific in modern medicine over the last ten years thanks to advances in molecular biology.  Biologics are protein-based drugs resulting from living cells, which are cultured in laboratories.  Biologics such as Enbrel, Humira, Remicade, Stelara, and Simponi […]

Stephen Mahoney, M.D. – A Top Houston Dermatologist for Psoriasis

Dr. Mahoney is one of the top dermatologists for the treatment of psoriasis.  In addition to being board certified by the American Board of Dermatology and a fellow in the American Academy of Dermatology, Dr. Mahoney frequently speaks at continuing medical education (CME) events to educate dermatologists about the most effective treatments for psoriasis.  Dr. […]

Phototherapy Treatment for Psoriasis

Houston enjoys having a tremendous array of medical resources and research institutions, which is excellent news for patients with psoriasis.  If a patient’s psoriasis doesn’t respond well to topical creams or oral medications, phototherapy is another treatment option.  Phototherapy involves treatment in which the affected portions of the skin are exposed to specific spectra of […]

Treatments for Psoriasis

When you come to West Houston Dermatology for psoriasis symptoms, Dr. Stephen Mahoney will examine your skin to determine what type of psoriasis you have because psoriasis can affect any or all parts of the skin.  There are five categories of psoriasis, including erythrodermic, guttate, inverse, pustular and plaque.  Plaque is the most common form […]

What is Psoriasis?

Though psoriasis is a common skin condition, it’s an annoying one to the patient because it causes skin redness and irritation.  Some patient’s skin looks thick and red with flaky patches (sometimes silver) called scales.  Psoriasis usually first appears in patients between the ages of 15 and 35 years of age.  This is a genetic […]