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Tattoos and Dermatology in Houston

Tattoos are a matter of personal style and preference for people over the age of 18, and though they are quite en vogue and more accepted in certain professions, consumers should carefully consider the implications before getting inked.  The State of Texas imposes regulations on tattoo parlors, but that doesn’t mean that every shop is equal in terms of cleanliness and enforcing policies.  So, do you homework by researching shops and keep in mind that your skin is the body’s largest organ.  As such, the skin’s purpose goes far beyond making you look pretty and displaying artwork.  Besides making sure that the shop has an autoclave to sterilize all non-disposable equipment, fresh needles, and medical gloves for the technicians, consumers should realize that tattoo pigments can cause allergic reactions in some.  Many pigments are made from industrial and organic substances such as polycyclic compounds, aluminum, copper, iron, sulfur, sandalwood, barium, and others.  If you are intent on getting a tattoo, talk to your dermatologist firs, and ask the technician/artist if it is possible to patch test your skin with the pigments required for the design to see if any reactions occur such as a rash or toxic reaction.  Remember – Jimmy Buffet sings an appropriate song about tattoos:  Permanent Reminder of a Temporary Feeling.  So, if you regret a previous decision to get a tattoo, non-surgical removal techniques such as laser treatments are available through your dermatologist.