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Teen Acne Tips: Step Away from the Mirror

Being a teenager is hard enough without having to deal with embarrassing acne, and the professionals at West Houston Dermatology understand just how frustrating having acne can be.  A pimple or break out can make you feel like important activities like picture day at school or your prom are ruined.  The important thing is NOT to take treatment into your own hands!  If you’ve ever seen a dermatologist, you know that the first rule is not to pick or squeeze pimples.  While this may make you feel like you’re getting rid of the blemish, it may only drive the blemish deeper, cause scarring, increase inflammation, or cause the blemish to get infected.  All of these things will make it take much longer for the blemish to heal.  In addition to not squeezing or picking, do not ever use sharp objects like needles or safety pins to lance blemishes!  If the reasons aren’t obvious, this can really cause a nasty infection and severely damage the skin tissue.  Additionally, you may not have a pimple, but a deep cyst that requires professional extraction.  You may argue that your dermatologist lances things in the office.  The difference between you and your dermatologist (beyond age) is years of medical school, residency and experience in practice.  Stephen Mahoney, M.D. has over 18 years of experience treating acne in teens and adults, and his patients enjoy tremendous success with acne treatment.  So, step away from the mirror and contact West Houston Dermatology today for an appointment.