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The Future of Dermatology and West Houston Dermatology Laser & Skincare Center

If you keep up with current medical news, you are probably aware that many medical specialties and physician practices are steering toward more aesthetic medical services.  You might notice that your dentist is now offering Botox or dermal fillers in addition to straight up dental services.  This is also true for dermatology, and in some markets dermatologists are distancing themselves from medical dermatology to purely cosmetic procedures like Botox, laser therapy, and Ultherapy.  In fact, some medical dermatology experts feel that rheumatologists are taking up the slack from dermatologists for skin conditions such as psoriasis.  While that may be true of some Houston dermatology practices, patients will find that Dr. Stephen Mahoney and his staff at West Houston Dermatology Laser & Skincare Center are fully committed to treating patients with the many forms of psoriasis, and in fact, Dr. Mahoney is a national expert in psoriasis care.  Dr. Mahoney, though offering cosmetic dermatology services, remains fully aware cutting edge techniques for medical dermatology patients, whether they have acne, psoriasis, vitiligo, or any other dermatologic condition.