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Treatments for Psoriasis

When you come to West Houston Dermatology for psoriasis symptoms, Dr. Stephen Mahoney will examine your skin to determine what type of psoriasis you have because psoriasis can affect any or all parts of the skin.  There are five categories of psoriasis, including erythrodermic, guttate, inverse, pustular and plaque.  Plaque is the most common form of psoriasis, and it typically presents as red patchy skin covered with flaky, silver-white scales.  Dr. Mahoney’s treatment goal is to control the symptoms and prevent skin infections.  Though psoriasis is a lifelong condition, which may come and go over time, it can be controlled and treated.  Psoriasis can be treated by topical medications (lotions), systemic medications (pills), and phototherapy (light spectrum treatment).  Though there are home remedies patients can perform, it’s important to consult a doctor, such as Houston dermatologist Dr. Stephen Mahoney because improperly treated psoriasis can cause complications, such as secondary skin infections.  Infections or other complications often require prescription drugs or topical ointments.  Left untreated infections can become quite serious.