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Ultrasonic Facelift at West Houston Dermatology

Ulthera: Ultrasonic Facelift

During youth we take for granted a sleek neck, well defined jaw line, lifted brow, and smooth skin around the eyes.  Both gravity and the aging process impact our skin by causing crow’s feet, thinning of the skin under the eyes, forming jowls, sagging neck, and a descending upper brow line.  Until now, the only option patients had to correct these problems involved cosmetic surgery.  While cosmetic surgery is an effective method for targeting the aging face, many patients do not want to go under the knife for a variety of reasons, such as health problems (i.e., heart disease or diabetes), cost for surgery, downtime after a facelift, or simply not wanting others to know they’d had work done.  For many years, West Houston Dermatology has been on the cutting edge of non-surgical cosmetic dermatology procedures, and most recently we have brought Ulthera to our patients.  Ulthera (a/k/a Ultherapy) employs ultrasound to tighten and lift skin by stimulating the skin’s natural collagen production, and collagen production increases over time for a gradual improvement in the treated area.  In FDA trials, nine out of ten patients receiving brow treatment with Ulthera experienced a significant lift in the treated area. Ulthera is not a facelift and will not produce the dramatic results that cosmetic surgery does, but it is an excellent choice for patients who do not desire surgery.  For more information on how Ulthera may improve and rejuvenate your skin, contact us today for a consultation.