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West Houston Dermatology & Christmas Gift Ideas

It’s official – as of today we are in the panicked holiday rush with only six days remaining until Christmas.  Whether you seek a gift for a loved one or feel the best gifts are “from you to you,” then West Houston Dermatology can help.  In addition to medical dermatology services for conditions such as acne, psoriasis and vitiligo, we offer cosmetic dermatology services such as Botox, Ulthera, CoolScuplting, and more.  If you or someone on your Christmas list is looking for a fresh, new look, consider sending them for Ultherapy – the non-surgical “facelift” that lifts, tightens and tones skin on the face and neck.  Ulthera uses ultrasound technology to penetrate the skin and the tissue beneath the skin targeted in traditional plastic surgery, to stimulate collagen production.  This is a non-surgical method to restore a more youthful look.  CoolSculpting is a unique, FDA cleared method to reduce fat cells from treated areas in a non-surgical way, and with one treatment.  Patients who receive CoolSculpting experience on average a 21% reduction of fat cells, and some even achieve greater results.