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Dr. Mahoney in a Surgical Procedure

West Houston Dermatology Laser and Skin Care Center provides a wide array of services and products for both medical and cosmetic dermatology through professionals who are committed to excellent treatment and patient care.  Sometimes, in the course of treating our medical dermatology patients, it is necessary to perform minor surgical procedures like removing moles, warts, cysts, other skin growths, ingrown nails or earlobe repair.  At times it is also necessary to perform a biopsy on suspected skin cancer and melanomas, which is more serious.  Rest assured that if the need arises that the outpatient surgical suites at West Houston Dermatology are both comfortable and hygienic.  Local anesthesia is also provided to ensure patient comfort during and after treatment. Our goal at West Houston Dermatology is to provide our patients with the best care possible in a comfortable setting.