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West Houston Dermatology Offers Liposuction Alternative

If you have been considering liposuction or body contouring, but have reservations about undergoing elective surgery, there is a non-invasive alternative that could help you reach your aesthetic goals.  Last fall the FDA cleared a medical device for the non-surgical removal of fat cells from targeted areas of the body called CoolSculpting.  With CoolScuplting, the fat from the part of the body to be treated is gently and simultaneously suctioned and cooled to a temperature that crystallizes the fat cells.  This process initiates a process of programmed cell death for only the fat cells, called apoptosis.  CoolSculpting does not harm or damage the skin or any of the tissue surrounding the treated area.  The treatment is performed in Dr. Mahoney’s office and requires an hour.  Most patients begin seeing results within 6-8 weeks following treatment.  Though CoolSculpting is not an immediate reduction in fat that is achieved through liposuction, it is extremely effective in the right patients and results remain stable, just as with any body sculpting procedure so long as the patient maintains a healthy lifestyle.  The best candidate for this fat freezing process are persons who maintain a healthy diet and exercise, but who have stubborn fat that will not diminish despite the person’s best efforts. CoolSculpting is not right for all patients, and Dr. Mahoney will dissuade those who are not likely to achieve good results.  His goal is for the patient to be pleased with his/her care.  Patients who have a substantial amount of fat tissue to loose are better served by plastic surgery techniques, and Dr. Mahoney’s staff will gladly make a referral for such patients to help them reach their goals.