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West Houston Dermatology: Reversing Summer Sun Damage

Sun Damage Revealed

The top factor in aging one’s skin is exposure the sun without proper protection from its damaging rays. Whether one fails to put on sunscreen, or merely forgets to reapply sunscreen every few hours, the results are the same – unwanted sun damage.  Sun damage can cause age spots, early wrinkling, freckling in fair-skinned persons, uneven skin tone, actinic keratoses, cellular damage and even skin cancer.    Unfortunately, the majority of the damage that causes premature aging results from tanning done during the teenage years.  This is regrettable because the teen years are those where one’s children seem to know it all and fail to heed parental warnings.  The good news is a dermatologist can reverse past sun damage to varying degrees.  In order to improve skin tone and texture, a combination of photo facials and chemical peels can effectively reduce or remove brown spots and redness.  Laser treatments are an option for improving wrinkles, redness and/or uneven skin tone.  Lasers can also help with the appearance of broken capillaries and dark spots.  Houston dermatologist, Stephen Mahoney, M.D., provides his patients with a thorough exam before making treatment recommendations, discusses with them their treatment expectations, and customizes sun damage reversal treatment for each individual patient.  Though the official first day of fall is September 23rd, in Houston we will be living with summer for quite a bit longer.  So, even though football has started and the kids are back in school, keep using sunscreen to protect the skin from pre-mature aging, sun damage, and most importantly skin cancer.