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What Can You Do About Red Skin Around My Nose?

Though it’s the holiday season, nobody wants to look like Rudolph or W.C. Fields with lots of redness around the nose.  This type of redness can be due to many skin conditions, so it’s best to consult your Houston dermatologist to find out the underlying cause.  For instance, one cause of the redness could be rosacea.  Some things to help keep rosacea at bay include avoiding spicy foods, saunas, and excess alcohol.  Another cause for redness around the nose are dilated (i.e., broken) capillaries.  West Houston Dermatology’s, can virtually erase the capillaries using intense pulsed light, or laser therapy.  The severity of the dilation of capillaries will dictate how many IPL treatments are necessary to rid you of the red.  If you want to look your best for the holiday parties and festivities, now is a perfect time to contact West Houston Dermatology Laser & Skin Care Center to schedule an appointment and determine the cause of the redness and appropriate treatment.